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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hello, did you miss me? I know I'm hard to resist...

No, it's OK, I'm not going to launch into a Robbie Williams impersonation (though there will be a review of a Robbie Williams concert coming up in a wee while).

However, the observant will have noticed (or else they would not be observant, duh) that it's been about six weeks since I posted anything here. No real excuse: I was in Spain on holiday for a couple of weeks, but since then it's been a case of oh-I-really-must-get around-to-doing-some-blog-posts. I blame Facebook: as Joe has clearly also found, FB is mightily convenient for the quotidian trivia that might otherwise fond their way onto the blog. All those family pictures, quirky web pages and such: Facebook is the ideal p;ace. Not so much for big chunks of prose, be they political commentary or concert reviews.

Anyway, at present I am sitting in the midst of the world's largest arts festival, the aggregation of smaller festivals which is Edinburgh in August. This afternoon I shall be going to things in the Fringe and the Book Festival, and already this week I've been to both of those and the official Edinburgh International Festival. (AND I went to see Boyhood on Sunday, which is amazing: do see it if you haven't already.) So clearly I am building up a backlog of reviews to post, and that, dear reader, is where I shall be starting. Probably not in chronological sequence (not least because I have reviews to do of things - for example that Robbie Williams gig - that came before the festival) but by festival.

Anyway...Hi, it's me. I'm back