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Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh-bo-de-o-do, oh-bo-de-o-do, Oh-bo-de-o-do de-oh-doh

For some reason all this posting about Paul Weston's arrest on the steps of Winchester Guildhall brought this old record to mind.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bonni's Nazi sheep show their love for Churchill by calling for a 9/11-sized terrorist attack in Britain.

Further to my post on Paul Weston and his fantasy-fascist version of Winston Churchill, Bonni the Holocaust denier is of course up in arms about Weston's arrest, as Liberty GB supply a lot of her material these days and half the comments on BareNakedIslam are repetitions of the same tape loop by an LGB supporter styling herself Linda Rivera. (She posted at least one comment on the Liberty GB thread where I added my tuppence-worth.)

Of course, Bonni doesn't restrict herself to wailing and greeting about Weston's arrest, oh no. She adds this:

England needs to have their own 9/11 to get it through their leftist dhimmi heads that ISLAM is the biggest threat they have ever faced and Muslims endanger their very existence.

Let's pass over the dodgy grammar - Bonni is a New Yorker from Kiev after all, so any level of English better than Hyman Kaplan's should be applauded rather than ridiculed - and consider the substance of that statement. Bonni thinks we (well, England - not sure if she means just England or Britain as a whole) need to have a terrorist atrocity claiming nearly 3,000 lives in order to make us agree with her ideology. Gosh, and there I was almost beginning to think that trying to change people's minds by mass murder was something associated with Islam. Thanks, Bonni, your comment saved me from falling onto a dreadful Islamphobic error.

Bonni's sheep join in the call for a major terrorist attack on Britain, and some want Denmark bombed as well (well, OK, just Linda Rivera). There is some discussion (Bonni has wisely deleted some of the comments, but enough remain) about obtaining terrorist materials and carrying out attacks. An idiot styling herself Kriemhild demands that the woman who complained must be harassed by the fascist thugs, and that the police who had the nerve to arrest her darling Paully-Waully must also have their details published and their lives ruined. Peter35 says that while he doesn't "approve" of what Anders Breivik did, he "can certainly understand" why he acted that way (without condemning the perpetrator of Europe's worst ever terrorst atrocity of course). perceptor1 describes most British Muslims as "horribly inbred": hmm, racist much? (Sorry, what was that? What race is Islam? Well, last time I looked religions didn't breed, people - belonging to races - did that.)

And Americans are endlessly amusing on British gun laws. Here is "Buck Diamond":

Don, they have no weapons. Over the past 20 years, England has passed gun laws essentially removing all guns from the public. Zip, even fox hunting.

First of all, that's utter bollocks. I walked past a gun shop this morning where with the appropriate paperwork I could have bought a shotgun. There are plenty of hunting rifles around too: in the area where we have our holiday flat two major sources of tourist revenue are deer stalking and grouse shooting. You can't just wander in and buy them without going through the paperwork, like Arnie in The Terminator (not even a plasma rifle in the 50W range), but you can buy guns. What you can't do, and never could, is wander around the street with them. Haul out your hunting rifle when you're not on a hunt and a nice police marksman will remodel your brain stem. Wandering around armed was historically the preserve of the nobility: serfs waving weapons ended up as tree decorations. There has never been a tradition of the man on the street owning guns in Britain: it was - and is - something mainly confined to toffs like David Cameron and some farmers. Now even the nobility have to keep their guns cased until they have a legitimate target for them. The only change in recent years is the more or less total ban on handguns. I shot pistols a few times as a student, though I never owned one. Now the sport is pretty much dead in Britain, the legacy of Thomas Hamilton who was responsible for the British equivalent of the Sandy Hook massacre. (And in the course of so doing came very close to depriving Britain of its first Wimbledon winner for decades.) But then, handguns outside a shooting range are no use for anything except killing people, so nobody really misses them.

Oh, and Buck, lovey, while farmers are allowed to shoot foxes threatening their stock (and always have been), fox-hunting was never, ever, done with guns. Jeez, do you American ignoramuses not even watch the television we send you?

Two pieces of advice to those wishing to quote Churchill on Islam and Muslims: (1) Don't change the bits that don't suit you (2) Don't try to pretend that the guy responsible for setting up the London Central Mosque had anything but huge respect for Islam

Paul Weston is the party chairman of Liberty GB, a British fascist party. Weston formerly led the British Freedom Party (an offshoot of the British National Party - it's hard to keep track of all the splits in the British far right) and before that stood as an election candidate for UKIP (the UK Independence Party, probably the only one of those parties most of you will have heard of).

Yesterday Weston was arrested for causing a disturbance, specifically for shouting through a megaphone on the steps of the Winchester Guildhall. He was haranguing a non-existent crowd with a passage from Winston Churchill's book The River War. I thought I should add a comment to the story on the Liberty GB web page, so added this:

Paul Weston clearly loves Churchill. He quotes not only from an obscure book written in 1899 before Churchill had done anything significant, but quotes a passage written tongue-in-cheek about Muslim fatalism when a railway engine had broken down and they just reckoned it was the Will of Allah. Even more impressively, Mr Weston found the passage (or someone found it for him) in the first edition, as Churchill deleted it from all the later ones. Mr Weston may like to ponder why he did that: WC was never one for political correctness, after all.

He may get some clue when he considers that in 1940, when the Battle of Britain was raging overhead, Winston Churchill made it a priority of the War Cabinet to allocate government funds for the foundation of the London Central Mosque. Churchill wished to recognise the immense contribution and sacrifice of Muslim soldiers in the Indian Army in both World Wars (he later said we couldn't have won WW2 without them), and considered it shameful that London's Muslims had nowhere to worship.

When you consider Churchill's later admiration for British Muslim troops, it is especially unfortunate that Mr Weston makes a tiny error in his quotation from "The River War". What he was shouting through his megaphone was "Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith". What Churchill actually wrote was "Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the QUEEN". An unfortunate slip, and one I am sure Mr Weston will hurry to clear up.

I have little doubt the police simply wished to discuss with him the way in which his mistake and his selective quotation traduced the memory of one of history's greatest Englishmen, and spent their forty-minute discussion explaining that they had been alerted to his speech, not by the lady who had complained to Mr Weston, not by the whining din of his loud-hailer, but by the frantic spinning sounds coming from Churchill's grave in Bladon churchyard.

There is a good discussion of the passage Weston was (mis)quoting here.

Regarding the War Cabinet and the London Central Mosque, see the War Cabinet minutes here, which reference the recommendation here.

There is another excellent little piece on Churchill and Islam here. The author is right: I hadn't known any of those things. I didn't dare to mention number two (that he tried to fight for the Ottoman Empire in the Greco-Turkish War of 1897) in my comment on the Liberty GB page. Faced with his willingness to risk his life - two years before The River War was published - fighting for the mightiest Muslim power on the planet, and against Christians, their collective brains, tiny though they be, would explode in fountains of blood. Either that, or they would have to find some elaborate way of explaining the collapse of their entire view of Churchill as a fellow Islamophobe. (A phenomenon called "cognitive dissonance", first identified by the authors of this wonderful book.)


Someone styling himself Porphyrogenitos (he probably intends modelstly to imply that he was "born to the purple", though my first thought was "purple balls") replied to my comment thus:

Churchill's quote from the 'The River War' is consistent with his views in his earlier work 'The Malakand Field Force' in which he also made comments about the savagery of the Pushtun tribesmen on the NW Frontier and the Islamic fanaticism that inspired them. Why he deleted them, well as a guess its because he became a Minister of the Crown and he couldn't be seen to be condemning the beliefs of tens of millions of the Empires inhabitants, but as I say thats just a guess.

Regarding the Central London Mosque, the reason Churchill probably offered the site of the present building is because he way trying to curry favour with the Muslim league in India as a partner in India's governance, as Britain was rapidly running out of patience with the Congress Party with regard to the prosecution of the war and India's role in it i.e. it was done out of political expediency not because of any love for Islam. Churchill had no love for the Indian Army BTW, and thought it of little use whether its units were Hindu or Muslim. His numerous private comments confirm that in WWII. He may have made comments for public consumption that differed from his private ones for the same aforesaid political expediency. I disagree with him on the usefulness of the Indian Army but thats a different matter.

If Churchill is spinning in his grave its almost certainly due to the usage which the site he donated for the Mosque is now being put to the use of i.e. a worldwide centre of Wahhabism. Even the Pakistani Ambassador resigned from the Mosque committee due to its fundamentalism.


If Churchill could see the state of his beloved London and England he would be in tears.

To which I naturally replied:

The (mis)quote from "The River War" seems a little hard to square with the fact that two years earlier, in 1897, Churchill had actually set sail to go and fight for the Ottoman Empire (the greatest Islamic power of Earth) against the Greeks (mainly Christian). Sadly for him, the Greco-Turkish War was over before he arrived. Doesn't sound much like the action of someone who considered Islam a "retrograde force".

It's lovely to watch you squirm though, creating imaginary "private conversations" that only you know about, to "correct" the false impression of Churchill's views on Islam given by his actual speeches, writings and actions. Basically you're saying that Winston Churchill, the man revered by millions as one of history's greatest Englishmen, was a liar and hypocrite who tailored his speeches, his books and even the way the government spent money during the height of the war, to political expediency rather than anything he actually believed. Do you find many takers for that attitude among your friends?

Actually, your idea does at least explain something that had puzzled me. I could never understand why supporters of a fascist party like Liberty GB would idolise one of history's greatest anti-fascists. Now I get it. You reckon that all the time he was really a supporter of Hitler, and that all that "Blood, tears, toil and sweat" stuff was just him telling lies to make sure of his reputation after the war. Thanks for clearing that up.

Oh, you might like to read this book. It's really good on the elaborate self-deceptions people resort to when faced with solid evidence that their strongest beliefs are utter bollocks. Enjoy!

Elsewhere, "Porphyrogenitos" tells a fellow-traveller that Weston has been "charged with Incitement of Racial Hatred, more specifically of racially aggravated crime under Section 4 of the Public Order Act with a max penalty of 2 years inside". Excellent!

In another comment which I won't bother you with the whole of, the mighty Linda Rivera tells us that she is proud to be a member of the greatest political party Britain has ever produced, and that "Paul Weston is Britain's greatest leader ever!" (Funny, most people would award that title to Churchill.) I have asked her in what sense Weston - who has never held elected office - can be described as "Britain's leader" at all. I'll let you know what comes back.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bonni the Nazi gets Easter egg on her face

Oh dear, Bonni, you really shouldn't believe everything you read in the Daily Mail or your dwindling pool of paymasters will get cross at your making fools of them. Over at Harry's Place, a well-known ultra-right-wing blog which does not, however, call for the return of the Nazis or the public execution of inconvenient journalists, is a post generally slurping the Kool-aid over the fake story of a "Trojan Horse" plan for wicked Muslims to take over Birmingham's schools. No shocks there, but it contains this:

Given that the alleged problems are decidedly serious, it seems counter-productive and unnecessary to exaggerate them. The Daily Mail’s easter egg story is just a little over-egged.

The long headline in this URL asserts that ‘Islamic school hardliners confiscated Easter eggs’. If one hears of confiscation in a school then the natural assumption is that a teacher is involved. A few paragraphs in we learn:

It was also claimed that roving ‘morality squads’ have been instituted at the affected schools, and would censor talk of non-Muslim festivals and smash pupils’ Easter eggs.

‘Instituted’ implies a formally approved arrangement, and it’s some time before we learn that in fact what is being claimed is that ‘groups of pupils were confiscating toys and chocolate from younger children’ and that teachers are turning a blind eye to this practice. (Of course this in itself is not welcome, and the reports of girls being bullied for not wearing hijab are still more worrying.)

This kind of souping up should be discouraged for two reasons. It encourages anti-Muslim bigotry and it gives people like Yaqoob and Ridley a handle for further deflection.

Oops. That's you given a telling, Bonni. Just stick to the official Islamophobic lies you're told to print, darling, and don't fall for the obviously fake stuff the way you so often do.

Here's another example of Bonni getting carried away with the joy of lying about Muslims - and about Britain, which she hates, presumably because we ban fascists like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from entering (and would most likely ban Bonni if she were foolish enough to try). In November 2011 she posted this "story", supposedly from the Daily Mail. Well, yes, it was from the Daily Mail, but it had been published in 2002, as Bonni's own link makes obvious. And it wasn't true in 2002 either:

And it's still not true.

Poor, poor stupid Bonni, No wonder the big players in the Islamophobia Industry have stopped sending her material to post. it must have been embarrassing to share web space with her crazy conspiracy theories and famous debunked hoaxes, not to mention Bonni's lovingly collected porn pictures (she has a mutilation fetish, and can't go more than a couple of days without uploading a few dozen tasty pictures of severed heads or limbs).

Happy "Birthday", Bonni Benstock Intall

Bonni Benstock-Intall, the white supremacist and Holocaust denier from New York who runs the BarenakedIslam hate site, is fond of telling her readers that she is Jewish. It seems to persuade many of them to let her get away with blaming the Jews for Hitler's rise and calling for the return of the Nazis to Germany. That being so, I find it interestiong that whole many of my Jewish friends have been sending me (and each other) Passover blessings, Bonni did no such thing on her website, merely wishing her readers a Happy Easter. Uh-huh. Jewish, eh?

Mind you, Bonni will have been busy celebrating a far more important event on Easter Day. 20th April is of course Adolf Hitler's birthday. Bonni covers up her annual celebration with the pretense (or else the incredibly convenient coincidence) that it is her own birthday. So I suppose it would have been tasteless of her to wish Jews a blessed Passover while celebrating the extermination of 6 million of them.

Stuff that happened

Last week while we were up in Ballater there were a few significant stories and anniversaries.

First of all, Tony Blair got all cross when Nick Clegg suggested (a) that he (Blair) might want the Chilcot report into the Iraq war to be delayed and (b) that "“This was one of the most momentous, in my view one of the most catastrophic decisions in British foreign policy - I would say the most catastrophic decision - since Suez." In typical Blair fashion, our disgraced ex-PM did his best to change the subject to "the consequences of inaction over Syria". Or to put it another way, Blair wants Britain to go to war with Syria (actually, being Blair and utterly in Netanyahu's pocket, I suspect he wants up to support Assad) so that his crazed Iraq ego-trip can be toppled from its top slot as the greatest foreign policy disaster since Suez. Maybe we should invade Iran as well, Tony? Y'know, to remove the threat of all THEIR imaginary WMDs. Honestly, every time the man opens his mouth a torrent of shit pours out.

India's eunuchs and transvestites were officially recognised as a third gender. Now all we need is for gay sex to be legalised again.

The 17th April was the anniversary of the death of Rosalind Franklin, who would probably have shared Crick and Watson's Nobel Prize for determining the structure of DNA had she not died at the tragically young age of 37.

The same day was also the 60th anniversary of Roger Bannister's four-minute mile.

Edinburgh put on a new passion play, in Princes Street Gardens, with Judas betraying Jesus via mobile phone, and a last supper including shepherd's pie (well, duh!)

Oxford, on the other hand, didn't.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

This is why they say you should research your audience before making a speech

A word of advice to the lady in the video (I don't know if she is Jewish, German, or neither): playing the Holocaust card to try to justify Israeli crimes against humanity may be effective when you do it for your friends in the acting class, but when you put on the fake tears to try to embarrass someone whose entire family was exterminated in the Final Solution it simply makes you look a twat.

Palestinian Holocaust

This is worth watching (though somewhat disturbing).

Reporter John Lyons shows clear evidence that Israeli settlers in the West Bank regularly attack Palestinian school children, knowing the authorities will not intervene. He also discovers there are two legal systems operating. One for Israeli children and one for young Palestinians. It's an impossible situation that may provide temporary security for Israel, but in the long term may well breed a new generation of Palestinians prepared to do anything to gain retribution.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Blinding with science (also disfiguring, disabling, maiming and murdering)

The Edinburgh International Science Festival is on at the moment. I've gone to quite a few of their events in the past: science is interesting stuff after all, and they often have really good speakers and demonstrations.

However, this year the festival numbers among its sponsors a company called Selex ES. Selex is an Anglo-Italian manufacturer of military drones which has also just been awarded a contract for surveillance equipment for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

I was going to suggest that readers sign the petition to have Selex dropped as a sponsor, but it has reached its target and closed. Still, it's the thought that counts:

We love Science!

We love seeing the amazing things science helps to create and understanding life on our planet and how to protect it. That's why it makes us sad that a company which profits from weapons which kill people across the world is sponsoring the Edinburgh Science Festival.

Weapons company, Selex, who sponsor the Edinburgh Science Festival, make drones, surveillance equipment and weapons targeting systems. Their products cause death and destruction around the world. Selex say they sponsor the fair in order to 'inspire the potential future workforce'. Is this the future children would choose?

Science should be about improving life, not taking it away. Please ask Edinburgh Science Festival to stop supporting the arms trade.

It does seem especially fucked-up that the Festival should be attempting to inspire children to go into science by bringing in a maker of death-dealing hardware. I mean FFS, this isn't Israel, where the only science that gets funding is defence-related stuff. Can we not inspire our kids to do something worthwhile, not simply to make machines to bomb the crap out of other kids in countries they couldn't find on a map? (Yeah, OK, they need more geography too.)

Colour me sceptical

OK, this video has gone viral all over the place.

It purports to be footage from a traffic or security CCTV camera, but I'm not convinced. While I've seen nothing to debunk it yet, I suspect it's more likely to be from some Far Eastern equivalent of You've Been Framed, Candid Camera or the like. The sequence of crashes is so perfectly choreographed. You can tell from the beginning where the rider will end up. The vehicles (except the last) are all atationary or nearly so. No damage seems to be done to the scooter or its rider. Non of those collided with makes any attempt to stop the rider getting back on his scooter and riding off. Nobody gets cross with him, even when those he has just hit watch him riding into someone else. He goes broadside into a guy on a moped and the moped isn't even knocked over (as though the rider was braced for a side impact). The rider makes a melodramatic gesture as he falls into the pit. There is a visible splash of mud or water: what are the odds? And none of the onlookers seems remotely concerned that the guy who has just damaged all their vehicles has just fallen into a hole, possibly fatally.

I don't buy it. Sorry, but sometimes things are just too wonderful to be true. Remember Minority Report?

Were they lucky? Well, it must have been a series of flukes.

The International Court of Justice just ruled Japan's "scientific whaling" illegal.

That must be it: Bonni Benstock-Intall doesn't have time to concern herself with an actual anti-semitic attack in Kansas because she's too busy reading this blog

It's funny, isn't it, that five days after a shooter killed three people (not, as it happens, Jews) at Jewish centres in Kansas City; five days after the attack sent shockwaves through Jewish communities all across the USA and as far away as Israel; five days later, Bonni Benstock-Intall the New York blogger who is always telling us how Jewish she is (so she won't be accused of anti-semitism when she calls Jews "rats" and "vermin", links to European Jew-hating sites and calls for the return of the Nazis to Germany) hasn't posted a word about it. Nothing. Zilch. Crickets. Could that be because the perpetrator, rather than a bearded Arab, was an elderly white male military veteran and a self-described "patriot". (Precisely the demographic the FBI consider the highest risk for domestic terrorism....) Or could it be that his shout of "Heil Hitler" warmed her heart? (After all, she celebrates Hitler's birthday every year: the pretense that it's her own birthday is about as convincing as her protestations of Jewishness when she claims not to know anyone who keeps kosher!)

Oh, wait, there is a single throwaway reference to the Kansas City murders in a piece Bonni quotes from someone else. This other person is an actual Jew (Todd Fine), so naturally Bonni refers to him as a rat. His article is about the death threats he has received from various people including Bonni's commenters for having had the courage to speak out against the official propagation of hatred against America's Muslims. So naturally he has to die (duh).

Oh, and I get a mention in the comments from my faithful reader Bonni:

Had, not so sure about that. There is one website that devotes about 50% of its posts to trashing me and my readers personally. Thankfully it has virtually no commenters and few readers.

Aw shucks. Maybe all the visits logged to this site are Bonni popping back 40 times a day to keep checking whether I'm making her famous again. And of course my Nazi-hunting antics account for no more than around 10-15% of the posts here (though there have been a clutch recently as Bonni so spectacularly outed herself as a goose-stepping Nazi).

Bonni, meanwhile, despite being a full-time professional hate-blogger has hundreds of comments - all from the same half-dozen people, and in many cases (hi, Linda Rivera!) posting the same two or three comments over and over again. Mostly, as here, trashing the wicked leftist Joooos.

UPDATE: April 22nd and still not a whisper about the Hitler fan who killed people he hoped were Jews in Kansas City. Nothing either about the mayor of his Missouri home town, who has just been forced to resign after saying he agreed with the shooter (and who had made a lot of earlier anti-semitic statements which nobody seems to have worried about until now).

But wait....Bonni does have a post about the Kansas City shootings. It's just that hers is a bout some kid called Mohammed who shot at various people over the past month and wounded three of them. What makes him so much more important than the neo-Nazi murderer is that his name is Mohammed. Bonni tells us that he is a Muslim convert, though it;s unclear where she got that information as her link makes no mention of it. Indeed, it says that he didn't use that name on his Facebook page but used his middle name Pedro. So it seems just as likely that he was named Mohammed by his parents and decided he wasn't interested in Islam. We'll probably never know, as the guy's religion is of no interest to anyone but Bonni. But she must have been so pleased to find a story about shootings in Kansas that wasn't full of pesky Jews moaning about Nazis trying to kill them.

Some actual US Marine take this guy outside and teach him some manners

Had to laugh at this story from Bonni the Nazi. Not (for once) because of anything she says, or even because of the drooling imbecility of her commenters, but because of the story itself. Where but in the USA would an ex-serviceman strut about in a leather jacket sewn with military insignia like some kind of gangsta, and expect to be taken seriously? I mean, Hell's Angels wear Nazi military insignia. What kind of whacked-out creep wears USMC military insignia when he's not in uniform? In Britain this guy would have been laughed out of Pizza Hut, not thrown out.

And before you say it, I know the USA is different from Britain. Yup: they have no taste whatsoever when it comes to strutting about pretending they're still soldiers. Tell me: do IDF reservists (who still ARE soldiers) wear their badges when they go into restaurants? Do ex-members of the Parachute Regiment wear wear their red berets down the pub? Yet somehow everyone is supposed to take this guy serious when he claims he wasn't wearing gang colours. Sure he was: the I-was-in-the-military-and-now-I-have-to-do-a-normal-job-I-haven't-a-fucking-clue-how-to-behave gang.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I bet when Bonni reads this she'll head straight out and order a laser for her own rooftop

In her post on the story of a Connecticut man charged with plotting to use model aircraft as bombs, Bonni Benstock-Intall the New York white supremacist and anti-semite adds the comment "(He must have gotten the idea from one of his Muslim brothers, see below)."

Surely you jest, Ms Benstock-Intall. Muslim brothers? He would have got it from watching The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Specifically The Mad, Mad Tea Party Affair, Episode 18 of the first season, shown on 1st February 1965.

But then we know Bonni isn't really a Jew, and hasn't really been to Japan. Is she even really an American? Has she heard of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.?

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Husband and Husband

My wife and I have just been watching this rather splendid programme. A few weeks ago gay marriage became legal in England and Wales (a similar law comes into effect in Scotland in a few months' time) and of course everyone wanted to be the first couple to benefit from the new equality. This couple decided not to try to be the first, but to be the most original: they turned their gay wedding into a musical. And it's wonderful. It features real TV news reporters, and walk-on parts from So break out the popcorn, have your hankies ready, and off we go.

It will drop off Channel 4's site in three weeks' time.

Connect 4

Mention of Montana reminds me of a short quiz I was going to do. Not sure how many takers I'll get these days n ow that a lot of my regulars have switched to Facebook, but here goes.

BBC television has a quiz show called Only Connect, where teams have to find the connections between sets of clues. It;s a lateral thinking challenge, really. I have listed below four pairs of musical numbers. The two numbers in each pair are connected, and the connection is the same in each case. As with the TV show, the clues get easier as you go on. So: what connects these pairs?

First pair


Second pair


Third pair


Fourth pair


So what's the connection in each case, pop-pickers?

Proving that there is more to Montana than dental floss

You know, as per Frank Zappa:

Even the vilest Nazis and white supremacists show occasional flashes of humanity. If Bonni Benstock-Intall hadn't linked the following clip on her hate site I would never have seen it. Amazingly, she wasn't even trying to make out that the elk were running away from a Muslim.

Do watch it right to the end: it's rather splendid. I like the way the others wait for the straggler.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Well that's that cleared up

Bonni Benstock-Intall of barenakedislam, who celebrates Hitler's birthday and wants to bring back the Nazis to run Germany, sometimes lets down her guard. She likes to pretend that she's a Jew (it does after all give great cover for her antisemitism), and any accusation of racism is met with the parrot-like refrain "What race is Islam?", whether Islam had anything to do with the racist incident or not. But sometimes she lets her true colours shine through. Bear in mind that Bonni is extremely quick to ban any commenter who expresses a view of which she disapproves (sometimes she insults them a bit first, but if they say something too outrageous, such as expressing scepticism about President Obama's being a Muslim, they're history).

So the comments under this post are very interesting. A commenter called TheRealTruth posts this:

The real problem is this is not about Culture but about Race and Ethnicity. Whites either need to realize that their Ethnicity comes first, then their Race, then culture (language), then economy, then everything else, or Whites have no nations, no languages, and no Cultures.

Either Whites realize that no one has a right to own property among us, lord over us, or tell our story, OR Whites become a hated minority.

What’s even worse is Christianity will do nothing to prevent this. Christians deny people exist, unless they’re a sacred minority. Christians have fetishized poverty to the point where Whites, in their success, become Ethnomasochists. I’ve struggled with this for some time and unless Christianity becomes ethnocentric for Whites and their Ethnicity (like the Orthodox denominations have attempted) then it’s not going to provide any help. In fact, Christians will become virulently anti-White like they did during the Jamaican Insurrection, the End of Apartheid, and now during Immigration.

Another commenter called FreedomInAmerica.net responded "The Real Truth is you’re a racist." For which he was attacked by several other commenters as a "leftist".

TheRealTruth comments elsewhere under that post that

What’s worse is I’ve posted comments that make no bones about it – Whites have a right to exist and no one has the right to live among us. Because Whites are indoctrinated Ethno-masochists they will censor and shut down this speech. That will happen on these sites, the supposed saviors of Western Civilization. Western Civilization is White. Either you understand that or you’re a Useful Idiot who is cowering from the labels created by people who fucking hate you.

Someone replies to him, and Bonni responds to that reply, but not a word of comment on "Western Civilization is White" or "No one has the right to live among us". Or to his response a little later to someone who remarks that "London is lost":

If it’s lost then burn it to the ground. Destroy the water, power, and infrastructure. Destroy all Welfare Offices and Grocery Stores. When the immigrants shuffle out in confusion you kill them. Problem solved.

So actually Bonni is even worse than a Nazi: she supports a white supremacist who believes in destroying London, starving and killing its inhabitants of whatever colour, just to be sure of killing all the non-whites. Not even Hitler suggested destroying Berlin to be sure of killing its Jews.

But, you say, maybe Bonni was uncharacteristically asleep at the wheel: too busy inventing stories about barking dogs and dead flamingos. Well, then we come to these posts. This one, this one, and this one. Clearly Bonni is now being fed stories by a blogger going under the title Diversity Macht Frei. If that title rings alarm bells, a look at Mr DMF's blog does more than that. It is full of delightful Jew hatred. For example this where he refers to sites like barenakedislam as the "counterjewhad" movement. And then there's this:

It's not obvious why Europeans should treat Jews as people with an equal moral entitlement to themselves. These people, over the course of thousands of years, have maintained a pattern of temporary residence in other people's countries, a pattern that continues into the present day. Jacques Attali, a Jew currently resident in France, and in possession of the administrative status citizenship allocated by the government of France, summed up the Jewish attitude very well when he said: "A country, it's a hotel." For Jews, our countries may very well be no more than hotels. But for us, they're our homes.

Or this:

When will Jews accept that the antagonism felt to them is the result of their own actions and not some mythical irrational evilness? Jews are actively harming the interests of European peoples by promoting the suppression of their freedoms and attempting to alter the demographics of their countries against their will. Those who become aware of this pattern of activity inevitably feel indignant about it. There is no mystery here. There is no "ancient evil" at work. It is a simple conflict of interests between different peoples living in the same land. But one of the peoples has a moral entitlement to that land and the other doesn't.

Then there's this:

Note that it's considered acceptable to say that Jews are at the forefront in pushing "values" [essentially code for the multicult/human rights concepts that lie behind the European Genocide] as long as you praise them for this. If you make exactly the same factual claim, but view it negatively, you're an antisemite and must be ostracised and criminalised.

Or these gems from this post:

Jews keep making the same mistake throughout history. Like Muslims, they regard themselves as perfect and thus incapable of fault. Because of this, they cannot learn from their mistakes and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

"Antisemitism", defined as an irrational hatred, an "ancient evil", is simply a fable the Jews have concocted to delegitimise criticism of their own actions. If you think about it objectively, it is actually amazing that they have been able to get away with inventing a narrative so absurd. In reality, the antagonism felt towards Jews is explicable in wholly rational terms.

Which is exactly what Bonni says about "Islamophobia". Yet this guy feels exactly the same way towards Jews as he does towards Muslims. And Jews - not Muslims - are responsible for the "European genocide".

Strange that someone who pretends to be a Jew would link to a Jew-hating site like this, isn't it? Her own antisemitism only encompasses Orthodox Jews, Reform Jews, liberal Jews, left-wing Jews and Jews who keep kosher. She calls all these Jews "rats", blames them for the rise of Hitler and the Holocaust, and believes that they secretly control the US government. Hardly antisemitic at all really. But her promotion of this guy's site: that takes her Jew-hatred to a whole new level.

I thinl we may declare the myth of Bonni's Jewishness well and truly debunked.

One can only sympathise with this deluded woman as dementia begins its slow march

Sometimes it's hard not to feel slightly sorry for poor Bonni Benstock-Intall, the Hitler fan and holocaust denier who runs the barenakedislam hate site. The professional Islamophobes who used to feed her with stories have largely deserted her, probably because of the way she manages to screw up even the most basic story. This one was proudly headed with guff about the "2015 Armenian genocide" until one of Bonni's sheep pointed out her error. The point is that the copy she was sent made no mention of a date: Bonni simply took perfectly good hate speech and turned it into rubbish. Or this, which fails to explain why a Muslim had a Nobel prize for Physics many years before any Israeli scientist got a Nobel. Now she's reduced to getting her stories mainly from the British Daily Mail (which has its own problems as we shall see) or from dodgier sources yet (see my next post). But sometimes she is reduced to truly pathetic straits in an attempt to find a Muslim angle on stories that have none - or which aren't even stories to begin with.

I mean, what are we to make of this? Bonni posts a video entitled "Scared by a leaf" of a dog barking frantically. How on earth do you get a Muslim angle out of that? Easy: you label it "It was as if the dog was freaked out by a Muslim in a burqa walking by". Yes, that's right. She really is that desperate. What next? A video of the Hindenburg disaster labelled "It was as if a Muslim had set off a bomb on board"?

Or this? Someone has been killing flamingos in Frankfurt Zoo. Some of the flamingos were beheaded. So OBVIOUSLY the perpetrator must be a Muslim, right?

Or this ("Did yesterday’s Fort Hood shooter, Ivan Lopez, ALSO have a jihadi name?"). So desperate is this woman to pretend that the Fort Hood shooter was a Muslim that after that headline she never again mentions the actual gunman, but posts photographs and miles of text about some other US soldier who IS Muslim, who thought about carrying out an attack but didn't, and who is now safely shut away in a psychiatric institution. WTF?

People like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller who run real, professional hate sites (and used to feed material to Bonni) may - and generally do - make stories up, but at least their stories are actually about Muslims. Bonni may never have cared about truth, but now she no longer even cares about credibility.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Going for Baroque

On Saturday night I played in a concert of Bach and Handel. The Bach was the Magnificat in D, the Handel the Dettingen Te Deum. As I have remarked elsewhere, Handel's music is arguably more interesting to play than simply to consume as a listener (an opinion shared by my wife, though as she plays the clarinet she only ever gets to play him in arrangements, though there are plenty of those by such exalted chaps as Mozart). I've just been watching clips on Youtube, and none of them really conveys the enjoyment to be had from seeing just how Handel works his magic.

The Bach, on the other hand, is as much fun to listen to as it is to play. I'll share with you my two personal favourite parts. First (though it comes last in the running order) is the Gloria. Bach weaves the most extraordinary web of notes for each of the three repeats of "Gloria" (...Patri, ....Filio,...Spiritu Sancti) before reprising the opening Magnificat music for the "Sicut erat in principio".

But the best bit of the Magnificat is one I didn't play in. It's tempting to think of Bach as a cerebral composer, working out his amazing structures and counterpoint and harmony, and all a bit soul-less. With a few exceptions Bach's music isn't overtly emotional heart-on-sleeve stuff, and seems to us nowadays perhaps a little detached. The aria Esurientes implevit bonis (He hath filled the hungry with good things) is not by any means emotional, but surely it is the coolest piece of music written in the entire baroque era. It has a kind of swagger about it. If the Sharks and the Jets decided to sing Bach, this would have to be the piece they'd choose. At least, that's how it strikes me.

While Bach normally keeps the emotional temperature in his works fairly low, he does just occasionally rock out. Here is my all-time favourite piece of JSB, the finale of his Christmas Oratorio. Of course, even while letting rip with some of the most joyous music ever written, he has the choir singing the tune of the chorale from the St Matthew Passion (perhaps better known as the hymn "Oh sacred head sore wounded") to remind us that there is sadness in store for the wee lad. But hey, right now, let's party....