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Monday, March 31, 2014

No doubt a school or hospital in Lima will receive an air strike from the IAF in response to this wicked antisemitic attack on brave IDF heroes

From Haaretz:

Dozens of Israeli trekkers arrested after 'night of debauchery' in Peru
Group sex, drugs, alcohol, stolen Inca artifacts, loud music late at night - shalom from Israel.

Some 60 young, mainly Israeli, travelers have been arrested at a Peruvian archaeological site for what local media are describing as a late-night drunken, drug-addled sex orgy, Channel 2's Mako website reported Tuesday.

A Peruvian TV station billed the event as "a night of Israeli debauchery." Stolen Inca artifacts, as well as marijuana and components for making cocaine, were confiscated from four makeshift huts where the travelers were living, in the Saksaywaman archaeological site outside the city of Cusco. The travelers left behind drug paraphernalia, spray paint cans and other garbage. The huts, found to have been built illegally, were destroyed.

Police were alerted by Peruvian volunteers at the site, who said they heard extremely loud music coming from the huts at about 1:30 A.M.

Saksaywaman is popular with Israelis making the post-army trek to South America. Yet the demobilized soldiers are not always popular with South Americans, and this latest scandal is likely to tarnish their name even further. Two months ago, four Israeli ex-soldiers were arrested for starting a bonfire in a Chilean national park; two years ago, another one, Rotem Singer, accidentally started a massive forest fire in the country after burning toilet paper.

But unlike previous Israeli trekkers who've gotten into trouble on the continent, the dozens just arrested in Peru will not benefit from the intervention of Israeli consular officials: They're on strike with the rest of the Foreign Ministry's employees.

I have no wish to pretend that all Israeli tourists are vandalistic oafs, though demobbed IDF vets seem to be acquiring that reputation in South America. What struck me about this story, though, was how wonderfully appropriate it was that this particular bunch had erected illegal huts on someone else's property. That reminds me of something, but I can't quite put my finger on it...... (:-))

Zen and the Art of Blog Maintenance

I've just been going back over early blog posts (there are around three and a half thousand EKN posts now) looking for comment spam that has fallen through the automated spam traps. There seems to have been a period in 2013 when a lot of stuff got through. I can tell you, deleting 184 spam comments from a single post induces a Zen-like calm.

I was looking at the post I did about the blogmeet in Manchester where I met Clare, Lisa and many other bloggers in the flesh for the only time so far. And it occurred to me that I have a lot less interaction with British bloggers these days. (Or, as Bonni of barenakedislam pointed out, any bloggers.) I know I met JoeInVegas last July when we were doing Route 66, but he doesn't visit here much these days, and he seems to have stopped blogging himself, at least for now. Like me, he has transferred much of his attention to Facebook. I certainly use FB for the quick one-liners I might once have put on the blog, but there are other posts (obviously including this one) whose rightful home is clearly EKN and not my Facebook page.

I think maybe I should make a resolution: to visit more of the blogs on my blogroll, more frequently. While doubtless it will be more honoured in the breach than the observance, I shall nail it to the church door here nonetheless.

That comment spam: it was interesting to see what it comprised. There were a few dozen posts each of which contained a list of a few dozen sites, often Italian. There were ads for Cialis and Xanax, and for other drugs I'd never heard of. There were a lot of payday loan ads, and ads for shoes and dieting.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bonni Benstock-Intall, you're too modest about that BareNakedIslam site of yours

I came across this blog post the other day. Its basic premise seemed fine, but my attention was caught by two things, both in the opening quotation from our old Nazi-lovin' pal Bonni Benstock-Intall.

“I was a bit nasty in what I said about him but, you know, I really think he was out of line to do this,” said the founder of barenakedislam.com, who does not reside in Arizona and asked that we not give her last name. She accused McCain of “defending Islamic enemies of America” because of his comments, and even wrote, “Go to hell, senator, it’s time for you to take your final dirt nap.”

Here is the original report. Here is Bonni's call for McCain's death. She does so again (though she offloads the responsibility onto her husband this time) in the comments under this post, where she trashes her own government and enthuses wildly about the military coup in Egypt.(Because nothing excites a true Nazi so much as a Putsch, the overthrow of an elected government and the rounding up and murdering of political opponents.)

What caught my attention was her sweet "I was a bit nasty" admission. Aw shucks, Bonni, you called the man a traitor and said he should die (something the dozen or so gun-totin' food-stockpilin' survivalist loons who regularly comment on your site would no doubt be happy to see to if it weren't for that pesky Secret Service). Gosh, Bonni, I never knew you to admit nastiness or any other kind of imperfection before. Could you be practising taqiyya: trying to appear like a normal American when being interviewed, and saving the rabidly anti-American, anti-Jew, anti-Muslim, pro-Hitler Holocaust denial for your own little clique?

What also caught my attention was that this brave crusader against Muslim iniquity allowed the reporters to say only that she didn't live in Arizona, and to suppress her last name. Because like all Nazis, she's basically a coward.

Here, then, carefully arranged in a post along with links to both of the earlier reports and the quote from Bonni, are Bonni's full details for anyone disappointed that our favourite Holocaust denier didn't want to shout her love of Hitler from the rooftops. Her name is BONNI BENSTOCK-INTALL, and her own rooftop may be found at

New York
NY 11360-2932

Bonni Benstock-Intall claims to be Jewish, though given her extremely antisemitic comments and her calls for the Nazis to return to Germany this seems unlikely. More likely Bonni Benstock-Intall (proprietor of the barenakedislam.com hate site) simply adopts a Jewish persona in an attempt to escape censure for her Jew-hatred (she call them rats and blames them for the Holocaust). Given her violent hatred for women I had my doubts as to "her" gender, but I assume the KPHO reporter verified that. Any woman of whose opinions she disapproves is called a slut, a whore, an ugly bitch and worse by Bonni of Bayside. She then usually calls for the woman she hates to be raped, beaten, burned with acid, killed or simply genitally mutilated. I'm sure Bonni Benstock-Intall is someone's kind of woman: she claims to have a husband. And if she does, his name is probably John F Intall.

Here is Bonni's White Pages entry. It seems she is between 60 and 64 years old, and "may know" John F Intall who resides at the same address and is 65+. Bonni has told us on her blog that he has connections to the Russian mafia, and that she herself comes from Kiev: no wonder she's such a big fan of Vladimir Putin.

I hope that I have enough repetitions of the name Bonni Benstock-Intall and the address 2 Bay Club Drive, Bayside, New York NY 11360-2932 to keep Google happy and ensure that New York's favourite Nazi receives the credit she deserves. Oh, and her apartment building - the one where she once described herself as creeping around with a torch to try to find out where the brown-skinned person she had seen in the elevator might be staying - is this one. Nice. Wonder if her neighbours know they are sharing it with the host of a Nazi hate site?

A great American steps aside

I don't normally have much time for conspiracy theorists, the kind who reckon that everyone throughout history has been wrong but them, whether it concerns the authorship of Shakespeare's plays, the Kennedy assassination or President Obama's supposed Muslim faith. Sometimes, as with 9/11 or the Kennedy assassination, there are genuine inconsistencies in the data which do not, however, necessarily imply either the need for a radical revision of history or a massive cover-up. I can understand that Benyamin Netanyahu applauded the 9/11 attacks as "a great day for Israel" without feeling the need to blame him for planning them.

Sometimes, otherwise normal and admirable people become obsessed with a particular conspiracy theory. The late Christmas Humphreys was a respected judge and the founder of the Buddhist Society, but he was convinced that none of Shakespeare's works was actually written by the Bard of Avon. John Kerry and (while he was alive) Robert Kennedy believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was not solely responsible for JFK's assassination. And Richard Falk, who has just stepped down as the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories, believes that the truth about 9/11 has been suppressed for more than 12 years. Maybe he's right (though I doubt it): if the other examples are any guide we will probably never find out.

All of which is by way of an introduction to my noting that Richard Falk, despite his fights of 9/11 wackiness, will be sadly missed. Not by Israel of course, or by the Obama administration, Israel's latest proxy in Washington. But by the Palestinians he was employed to save from human rights violations, and by every person in the planet who believes that genocide and crimes against humanity should be exposed for what they are. No US President since Eisenhower has had the balls to stand up to Israel's ccnstant demands to be exempted from the laws that bind other nations. But Richard Falk, despite the Israel-inspired vilification from his own government and even the UN Secretary-General, has had the courage to stand up and be counted; to tell the truth whatever it cost. Compare that with our own dear Tony Blair, whose supposed "representation" of the UN, USA, EU and Russia ceases the moment one of his billionaire playboy pals (or the Israeli government from whom he receives such generous assistance) decides it should. Or as Richard Falk himself put it:

"With regard to the role played by the Quartet's Special Envoy Tony Blair he says: "At best he has been ineffectual and at worst you can that he has been a badly-disguised spokesperson for the US-Israeli outlook. He cannot possibly be perceived as a sufficiently impartial observer of the conflict for anyone to have any confidence in his recommendations and point of view. He has invalidated himself in this role and the fact that the Quartet continues to keep him as its special envoy suggests how one-sided the Quartet itself has become."

In most of the world, then (if not Israel or the USA) the stepping down (presumably under pressure he could no longer resist: death threats to his family?) of Richard Falk is a cause for great sadness, as we speculate as to which Zionist muppet will be permitted to take on the job (just as long as he behaves himself). Meanwhile, we salute a giant of Middle Eastern politics. If the USA had any sense (or any real interest in peace) it would have made Richard Falk its ambassador to Israel. Or better still, to Palestine.

UPDATE: if true, this is heartening news. It would be wonderful if the UNHRC grew a pair, and told the USA and Israel where they can stick their attacks on human rights monitors.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Let me take you back to your childhood.....

So this time last year I went back to Stockport to meet school friends I hadn't seen in forty years. This year we repeated the procedure, though this time round we dispensed with the formal reunion dinner and the penguin suits and cut straight to the imbibing of copious quantities of alcohol, accompanied by a perfectly acceptable roast-beef-and-Yorkshire-pudding dinner. There were more of us there this time, which meant several additional people for me to peer at and try (not always successfully) to identify. (Forty-one years brings a few changes, at least it does for most of us.) Some of the new arrivals had been particular friends of mine at school so it was good to see them and catch up.

We're an oddly assorted lot, the Stockport Grammar School class of '73. I suppose it's what you expect when you went to a minor (but very old) public school (though in my day a lot of the pupils, including me, had their fees paid by the state under the wonderfully egalitarian - and now defunct - Direct Grant Scheme). A sports teacher who used to play lacrosse for England; a plastic surgeon; a GP; a dentist specialising in patients with learning difficulties or phobias; a senior pharmaceutical company executive working in Philadelphia; the librarian of St Anne's College, Oxford: assorted company directors; assorted accountants; and the current bursar of Stockport Grammar School.

So here I am flanked by the librarian of St Anne's College and the plastic surgeon. I remember someone even more drunk than me informing me that Dave (the librarian) and I were the year's "intellectual elite", which we both found highly amusing the next day.

And here I am deep in conversation with the pharmaceutical executive.

The venue was the Stanneylands Hotel near Manchester Airport. I think we'll be going back there: the food was OK, the facilities great, and the rooms for those of us staying were perfectly comfortable.

The next morning, after my full English breakfast and various farewells, I decided to dive even deeper into my past to a place I hadn't visited since we moved away (to Stockport) on August 16th 1965. This was Droylsden, an inner-city suburb of Manchester where I spent the first ten years of my childhood. Wandering around gave me a strange feeling, both when I saw something that hadn't changed and when I saw something that had. My old primary school, for example, was still essentially the same building, though one of the playgrounds was now a car park, and the old outside toilets had bee converted into something else. Several of the neighbourhood churches (St Cross on the way out of Manchester, and St Willibrord's Catholic church) were pretty much unchanged, though my own old haunt of St Andrew's had been demolished a few years ago and its congregation transferred into a sharing arrangement with the local United Reformed Church. (Incidentally, this is the font in which I was baptised.) This picture was taken when I was seven years old: I think I recognise the girl in the foreground form my school class, but I could be wrong.

The house I used to live in seems to have undergone only cosmetic changes. The wall and gateposts are still as I remember them (though we used to have a wooden gate), and while there is now a carport on the drive, the original garage is still there (it's had a few coats of paint since my time).

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Music, Music, Music

It's been a busy few weeks. A few weeks ago the orchestra whose second violins I lead (and on whose committee I sit) put on a concert of Debussy, Berlioz and Stravinsky. It went amazingly well: sizable and appreciative audience, and musically excellent as well. Emily Mitchell sang the Berlioz songs beautifully.

Then just over a week later my string quartet

took part in one of Edinburgh Music Club's monthly soirees. We've played there several times before, but this time we played an early Schoenberg quartet: not much heard but delightful. From his Brahmsian period.

So now ESO are back rehearsing a new programme, of Sibelius's Seventh Symphony, Poulenc's Organ Concerto, Rimsky-Korsakov's Golden Cockerel suite, and Mussorgsky's Night on the Bare Mountain. We're also due to be filmed for use as a backdrop when Worbey and Farrell appear in the Fringe this summer performing their arrangement of Malcolm Arnold'a concerto for two pianos (three hands).

Which should be interesting....

Finally, a film amd media student called Lisa Gordon contacted me to see whether SHE could film the orchestra for an unusual project. I'll let her explain in her own words:

I would be looking to film you during a rehearsal, and I would be wanting everyone to be playing as normal, but during this piece I would be going round the orchestra (only people who wanted to participate - I understand that probably wouldn't be everyone) and trying to make the piece "fall apart" in a way, giving them graphic scores to read from, handing them broken instruments, possibly swapping instruments, playing music in their ears to distract them. Trying to show the importance of live performance and musical talent in today;s often technology-run music world by taking it away.

So a kind of amalgam of Andy Warhol, Cornelius Cardew and John Cage, with a side order of Frank Zappa (or maybe the Bonzo Dog Band). For various reasons the orchestra wasn't interested collectively, but I passed out her details and I know some members have been in touch. As for me, well, I could hardly resist being at the cutting edge of art, even if it is a very 1960s kind of art. The basic premise rather appeals to me, quite apart from the fun of such an anarchic project. So I have persuade the quartet to allow Lisa to, er, interact with our next rehearsal. We're in between concerts right now, so we're not desperately trying to perfect anything. We can give Lisa a choice between our playing something we already know (such as the Schoenberg, or some light music) or something we're not really familiar with. I must say I'm looking forward to it: the three ladies of the quartet (dubbed "Rob's Angels" by one of their daughters) may feel they're being swept along on a tsunami of Saunders enthusiasm. Not for the first time, and surely not for the last.

Anyway, that's some of what I've been up to recently (and will be up to in the near future).

Monday, March 17, 2014

A couple of thoughts for Purim

A happy Purim to all my Jewish readers. The arrival of Purim reminded me of a couple of things. Purim is the Jewish festival when (as at Halloween) children (and some adults) dress up in silly costumes and play tricks. Now last Halloween, Bonni Benstock_Intall (echoing a report in Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper) was shocked that two British college students had dressed up as the Twin Towers. And her commenters went even further, calling for them to be punched or killed, calling them whores, blaming it on their education and the fact that they obviously didn't know anyone who had ever died in a Islamic terror attack.

Why do I mention it now? because last Purim (i.e. seven months earlier) two Israeli kids had dressed up in very similar costumes (better jetliners, less accurate fenestration) for Purim. Funny how Bonni didn't notice that: it caused rather a stir in the Israeli press. What with Bonni being Jewish and all that, you'd think she might have had something to say. I mean, these kids must be the kind of leftist Jews she hates so much. Of course, it could just be that she'ls no more Jewish than I am, and said nothing because she doesn't actually read anything coming from Israel, just the Hasbara she's supplied with by her employers.

The other thing that occurred to me is that Purim is a festival all about the story of Esther and Mordechai. The tombs of these two Old Testament characters (Esther has a whole book named after her) are in Iran, where they are a major pilgrimage site for that country's 25,000 or so Jews. Here is a fascinating article about it. While in Iran they don't go in for the slutty costumes in vogue elsewhere, they don't dress up as the WTC either. And they do get drunk.

It's wonderful when in their eagerness to show that Islamic Jihad are liars the Zionists actually succeed in debunking the Israeli government's hysteria over rocket attacks.

I have to thank Bonni Benstock-Intall, the Nazi-lover who runs BareNakedIslam. In this post (which she has simply copied from the well-known Israeli government mouthpiece Elder of Ziyon) she tell us that Islamic Jihad have published picture of the recent gas explosion in Harlem, NYC, and claimed it showed buildings damaged by the rockets they fire into Israel.

I have to thank Bonni / EOZ for three reasons:
  1. For making it plain that the rockets being fired into Israel are being fired, not by Hamas (the elected government), but by Islamic Jihad.
  2. For showing no evidence whatsoever that the NYC pictures have been claimed as anything at all by Islamic Jihad. Apparently we're just supposed to believe that because the pictures exist, they have been misused by IJ. Yeah, that'll work.
  3. For showing the genuine pictures which make it clear just how little damage the "hail of rockets" being fired into Israel is actually doing.  So next time the Israeli Air Force destroys a school, or a hospital, and kills a few hundred people in response to the devastating hail of rockets, think that the "devastation" for which they are doling out collective punishment consists of a couple of cracked paving slabs.

Light of Ancient Sparks

The BBC have alerted me to the fact that it's forty years (actually I think the anniversary is in May, but never mind) since Sparks burst onto the scene with this.

Apparently this was the first true rock video (Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody came a few months later).

The boys still have it:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep

Readers with long memories or a quick hand with a search engine may recall that over the years I've had run-ins with various Zionists and assorted American, Israeli and other right-wing nutjobs. I've been called a "pathetic little neo-Nazi cunt" by Benjamin Kerstein and a "tool of the neofascist kleptocrat machinery" by some other Zionist also called - coincidentally - Ben. I have to say that none of the numpties at BareNakedIslam ever came up with anything that wonderful, though one or two of them have threatened to beat me up, which is a pretty empty threat when they live in Arizona.

I was beginning to think that nobody cared any more, but then, out of nowhere, this message appeared in my Facebook inbox from someone called Kenny Glassman:

Asshole. Get an education.

As Kenny's Facebook profile showed him to be a "self-employed psychologist" in Dee Why, New South Wales, Australia, I responded with:

Hello Kenny. Sorry for the delay in replying as your message was dumped into the junk folder as it consisted entirely of abuse. I am honoured indeed that you could find time in your busy schedule of masturbation and substance abuse, or whatever soi-disant "self-employed psychologists" do in Australia, to send me such a billet-doux, even if you were too rushed to suggest why you singled me out for your praise. Of course, perhaps I wasn't singled out but was merely one of a cast of thousands to whom you send drunken abuse. Who knows? Or, indeed, cares? You can rest assured that I have had a perfectly good education, thank you, at several institutions all of which are superior to anything your rebadged penal colony can provide. Now back you go to your cock and cocaine, or whatever.

Not exactly Oscar Wilde, but I didn't have much to go on. Still more than I had with the message from one Tony Riley which arrived at the same time (I don't know whether by coincidence or collusion) and read simply:


I sent Tony a similar reply to Kenny's, shorn of the latter's personal touches. I assumed that they had seem some comment or other of mine on an article somewhere, probably the Times of Israel or Haaretz, and this was their way of responding when they had no actual reply to make to whatever it was I had said. (And indeed I encountered Tony in a Haaretz thread a few days later and gave him a wave.)

Hello Tony. Sorry for the delay in replying as your message was dumped into the junk folder as it consisted only of the word "Asshole". I am honoured indeed that you could find time in your busy schedule of masturbation and substance abuse to send me such a billet-doux, even if not to suggest why you singled me out for your praise. Of course, perhaps I wasn't singled out but was merely one of a cast of thousands to whom you send drunken abuse. Who knows? Or, indeed, cares?

A few hours later I received this:

No problem. I suspect that being an asshole is a fairly hectic existence. Only you would know, you Jew-hating cocksucker.

A few days later he followed it up with:

Why does a Jew-hating asshole, like you, belong to JVP? Why does a Jew-hating cunt, like you, use Jewish inventions such as Facebook? It must be because you're a Jew-hating, hypocritical asshole, you cunt.

(NOTE: "JVP" is Jewish Voices For Peace, an organisation which does exactly what it says on the tin. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg who is only Jewish if you believe "Jewish" to be a racial rather than a religious descriptor (he is an atheist).)

Naturally I replied:

Why do you assume I belong to JVP? Why do you believe I hate Jews? Why do you refer to Facebook as a "Jewish" invention? (Only anti-Semites attribute religions to inanimate objects.) Why do crazy Zionists invariably stoop to abuse to cover up their lack of sensible arguments? Why do they always refer to their targets as "cunts"? Were they all scarred by early sexual inadequacy? And why in your case do you conflate ""asshole" and "cunt"? Did you have adequacy issues with both genders? How fascinating. Perhaps that's why you also refer to me as a "cocksucker". If only I had time to ponder what a fucked-up piece of fascist trash you are, and whether you hate women more or less than gays. Sadly, as you point out, I have a fairly hectic existence which precludes my wasting too much time on your semi-literate ramblings. Mwah!

And received this priceless reply in turn:

Whatever, you cunt. I'll have to ask my (beautiful) Israeli wife, you asshole. I've read your blog, and, although you might not realise it, you do hate Jews.You cock.

Wow. Just wow. I hate Jews without realising it. I'm a kind of deep cover anti-Semite, like the Russian agents in Telefon. One day, the phone will ring, a voice will read out some Robert Frost, and in a hypnotised trance I will drive a truck bomb I never knew I possessed into a synagogue. Oh, that's marvellous: a deep-cover anti-Semite. Not such a rolling phase as The Other Ben's (more on the level of Kerstein) but a wonderfully cracked concept.

Sadly I was unable to reply to him directly to thank him for the good laugh he gave me, as the clown blocked me (standard operating procedure for Zionists losing an argument who know they've just written something that makes them look ridiculous). Still it seems he reads my blog, so maybe he will know what a hilarious horse's ass he has shown himself to be. Let's hear it for Tony Riley. He may not know a cock from a cunt, or an asshole from a cocksucker, but he can recognise an anti-Semite when he imagines one.

Now contrast that with the delightful email I received from Eric, who was puzzled by some of the things I had said about Bonni Benstock-Intall:


I discovered your blog while conducting a search about the author of the barenakedislam site. You mention numerous times in your blog that she is a holocaust denier, Hilter supporter, and anti-Semitic. I am unable to located any of her writings with respect to Hitler, the holocaust, or anti-Semitism. Could you provide me with some examples that drew you to this conclusion? Please don't bother sending any of her writings in which she dresses down members of the Jewish community who either support Islam or Jewish people who support Palestine over Israel. I have already reviewed those and do not find them to be anti-Semitic. I have also read your articles with respect to her and her blog and could not draw the same conclusions that you have. FYI, I am American and of Jewish decent. I cannot claim to be Jewish since I have not been in a temple for the purpose of prayer since I was 13. So please, any supporting information with regard to your claims would be nice. By the way, have you ever tried discussing your feelings with her directly? I understand she is quick to respond to emails using the address listed on her blog.



I replied:

Hi Eric, and sorry for the delay in replying: this email address isn't my main one so I don't check it every day.

I must say you've been far more polite and reasonable than most of the folk who visit BNI and disagree with me, so I'll happily do my best to provide the links you need. You may still disagree with me but at least you'll see where I'm coming from.

First of all, I have raised all these points with Bonni, who ignores them and leaves it to her small flock of tamely loyal commenters to fire off the insults, death treats and such. I've commented on her site a few times, using slightly different names, and eventually I've been banned each time (most recently for saying something Bonni perceived to be supportive of President Obama. I do mostly support him in fact, though the comment she took umbrage at wasn't meant to be complimentary.) Anyway, the most recent occasion on which I set out my stall on her blog was:

Rob - DECEMBER 13, 2013 @ 8:26 AM
Bonni – I call you a Nazi because you have posted that Germany needs Nazis to deal with its “Muslim problem”, quite apart from your calls for Americans with brown skins to wear signs to show whether they are or aren’t Muslims. Your calls for the overthrow of Britain’s and America’s elected governments and the execution of judges and journalists who say things you disagree with: all straight from the Nazi playbook too.

The comment continues with replies to other commenters.

Taking the various points in turn: this post contains the suggestion "As in the UK, if you speak out against the growing Islamization in Germany, you are called a Nazi. Well, I’m afraid it just might take a few Nazis to get rid of the Muslim plague in Europe."

I can't see how calling for even "a few" Nazis - in Germany of all places - can be seen as anything other than support for a return of the Nazi party. However, let's not stop there. Greece's Golden Dawn party are famous for Holocaust denial (or see here) and support for Hitler In short, they are modern day Nazis.

Here is a post from Bonni about the Golden Dawn. She comments

MAY 12, 2012 @ 2:40 AM
Nobama, I was not familiar with Golden Dawn until I posted this story. But if, as you say, they have a problem with Jews, then so be it. As long as they are not doing anything publicly to disparage Jews or threaten them, and are focusing all their attention on the Muslim problem, I’m OK with that. I can’t help but remember that we were allied with the Russians during WWII to fight the Nazis, then when the war was over, we went back to a cold war with them.

If/when the Muslim problem goes away and they start turning their wrath on Jews, I will be the first to condemn them. Politics and wars make for strange bedfellows.

So she's quite cool with the Holocaust denial and the admiration for Hitler, because right now they're not shoving Jews into gas chambers and they hate Muslims even more than Jews. So that's all right then: in the same way that a return of the Nazis to Germany to solve the "Muslim problem" is to be welcomed despite the long-term prospects for the Jewish population. I need hardly remind you that one of the reasons for Hitler's original success was that most non-Jews thought he wasn't a danger unless you were a Jew, and mostly they didn't care about Jews. Allowing them back because now they're targeting Muslims first seems historically illiterate and highly dangerous.

In a later comment on the same post Bonni remarks

"I say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Besides, I doubt there are more than a handful of Jews in Greece."

Which says a lot about how much she cares for Jews, for all that she claims to be one (I have no evidence either way but I'm inclined to doubt it).

In this post I explain how Bonni whitewashes several features of Hitler's persecution of the Jews, and totally denies the persecution and extermination of gays. Of course, the Holocaust claimed 11 million victims of whom 6 million were Jews, the rest being made up of the disabled, gays, Jehovah's Witnesses and assorted "leftists" (Socialists, Communists, trade unionists).

You describe her attitude to Jews with whose opinions she disagrees as "dressing-down". Bonni is more open about it. I intended to link a post from 2 March in which she made the point repeatedly that her Jewishness allowed her to make remarks about Haredim trying to avoid the Israeli draft which from anyone else would be held to be antisemitic. However, I can't find the post even in her archive, which may mean she's had complaints from actual Jewish groups and has deleted it. (NOTE: I've found it now: here.)

Also on antisemitism, see this post. Leaving aside the question of whether Soros really supported the Nazis (he was only a child at the time and had limited options as a Jew if he wished to survive) the pictures showing him as "The Puppet Master" and operating Barack Obama as a ventriloquist's dummy tap into antisemitic tropes which have been around since before The Protocols of the Elders of Ziyon, of Jews controlling the world's governments in secret.

Despite the fact that she knows (and has posted the fact) that Judenrats were Councils of Jewish Elders set up by the Nazis to assist with dealing with Jews, Bonni uses "Judenrat" as a general term of abuse (as in "Jew-rat") for Jews she considers insufficiently Zionist. The Nazis of course routinely referred to Jews as rats.

Here she not only refers to liberal Jews as "rats" but helpfully publishes a picture of "The Judenrat and the Nazi Rat" with a caricature Jew sporting a Swastika.

In this comment she considers that "liberal Jews" were complicit in their own extermination and aren't really Jews anyway:

barenakedislam December 18, 2011 @ 1:57 am
Mark, liberal Jews are blind and stupid. 78% of them in the US voted for the Muslim president. How do you think it was so easy to get them into death camps? They don’t recognize their enemy even when he is staring them in the face. Liberal Jews aren’t really Jews because they worship liberalism.

Here is a post from March 2010 entitled "How Liberal Jews are enabling a second Holocaust", in which she repeats the following text:

"As sickening as it sounds, Jewish liberals see their fellow Jews as noble when they are victims being led helplessly into the gas chambers, but recoil at the thought of Jews who refuse to be victims, and actually take actions to defend themselves."

Finally, read this post of mine. I must say it does seem an unlikely coincidence that a supporter of Nazism and a Holocaust denier should just happen to share a birthday with Adolf Hitler, giving her a perfect excuse for celebration of that day. It may be quite genuine, as indeed may her Jewish identity: but forgive me if I am somewhat sceptical.

I hope that helps?

Regards, Rob

It's all a question of style and attitude. I don't suppose Eric's views chime with my own any more than Tony Riley's do, but Eric is genuinely interested in why I wrote what I did. He hasn't replied, and I don't imagine I've converted him to my point of view, but he may have a few things to ponder regarding Bonni. Tony (and Kenny) couldn't even be bothered bestirring their fat cyber-asses enough to tell me why they thought I was an asshole. Just a pair of online bullies with no interest in anyone but themselves.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oh, Oh, Oh, The Pain

We've been starting to plan our summer holiday, which will be in Southern Spain (Andalucia). As well as taking in the glories of Islamic Spain (Granada, Cordoba, Seville), we realised that we will be in easy reach of Gibraltar, and reckoned a day trip to see the apes (the real Barbary ones, not the Gibraltarians!) could be fun. I was Googling about Gibraltar, and brought up "famous Gibraltarians". The most famous was Albert Hammond, writer of songs such as The Air That I Breathe, I'm A Train, When I Need You, Free Electric Band and many others. I hadn't realised up to now that he'd also written this blast from the past:

Back when I was starting out in IT (when this song was less than ten years old) we used to sing a version along the lines of "Little errors in your coding, little errors in your hair, When you debug you'll find those little errors everywhere". True then: true now.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Life sometimes not only imitates art but outdoes it

In general, Jed Bartlett (the US President in the TV show The West Wing) gets far better speeches than any real US President. Because after all, if you have the choice between writing speeches for a maximum of eight years for a real president, and writing scripts for HBO or whoever for decades, it's what Kevin Bacon would call a no-brainer (at least, unless you're already financially secure and have a genuine partisan attachment to your President to accompany your huge talent).

Well, just sometimes, the real presidential speeches outperform the fictional ones. Toby Ziegler or Sam Seaborn would be proud to have come up with this.

Happy International Women's Day!

This is the one day in 365 when we celebrate women. Well, of course, we celebrate them more often than that (most of Britain's medals in the Winter Olympics came from women, for example), but this is their day officially. Here is one of the best songs ever written to celebrate the role of women in all our lives. By a Scot, of course.

And this woman is an inspiring role model for all of us. I wish I thought I would have her courage, for example, to protect Bonni Benstock-Intall from being beaten to a pulp by an anti-Nazi mob. I suppose you never know what you're capable of until you're put to the test: but I think Keshia Thomas is a better person than I am, and I'll just have to live with that for now.

And because I doubt whether anyone else will be remembering her on this International Women's Day, I'll give a mention here to Karen Wetterhahn. I have recently been giving my students an internet searching quiz which included a question on the toxic properties of dimethylmercury, and how its particular ability to penetrate latex gloves was discovered. There has been a general consensus that this was a desperately sad story. Marie Curie became an unintended martyr to the cause of laboratory health & safety, but at least she got a Nobel prize and is arguably the most famous female scientist in history, with the discovery of two elements to her name and another element named after her. Karen Wetterhahn advanced our knowledge of the toxic properties of dimethylmercury without either intention or recognition: she just wound up dead, and we wound up better informed.

So perhaps Karen Wetterhahn is the woman I most want to honour this year. All of us who have ever worked in laboratories, or who have loved ones who have worked in laboratories, salute you.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

A game of two halves

It's funny how the same story can be reported in radically different ways depending on who is doing the reporting.

FIFA, football's international governing body, has decided (after a two-year trial period) that players will be allowed to wear religious head covering such as hijabs, turbans or kippot. Here is the report from Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Notice the illustration showing a Tel Aviv player wearing a kippah. Notice, too, the report that that the Israeli football federation lifted its domestic restriction on religious head-coverings following intensive lobbying from both Israeli footballers and a (Jewish) Israeli cabinet minister. Of course, in Israel the most immediate effect of the rule change will be the appearance of kippot (in team colours) both at home and when Israeli teams play abroad.

Now consider how Bonni Benstock-Intall, the Hitler supporter who runs the BareNakedIslam hate site, reports the same story. As soon as I read the Haaretz piece I just knew that Bonni would have posted on it, and I accurately predicted the line she would take. For Bonni, this has nothing to do with a concerted campaign by Israeli footballers and politicians but shows FIFA "caving to Islamist pressure". All her illustrations show women wearing hijabs, as though that was going to be the most visible sign of the change (it would be great if women's football had that kind of exposure) but she admits in an aside that "the decision by FIFA will allow female players to wear the veil during games and will be extended to male players for wearing headrags". Charming, just charming: this soi-disante Jewess refers to every kippah-wearing Jewish male as wearing a "headrag".

State of Denial

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) is a global campaign which uses economic and political pressure on Israel to comply with the goals of the movement:

  • The end of Israeli occupation and colonization of Arab land 
  • Full equality for Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel 
  • Respect for the right of return of Palestinian refugees

In general the most obvious goal of the campaign is the first (an end to Israel's illegal occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and an end to its illegal siege of Gaza). However, the second goal - that of addressing the many ways in which Palestinian and other Arab "citizens" of Israel receive worse treatment than their Jewish countrymen - is beginning to receive considerable attention, possibly because campaigning on "Israeli Apartheid" is both a catchy slogan and a salutory reminder of a previous similar campaign  (against South Africa) which proved highly effective in both economic and publicity terms.

Thus it is that the past week, in both the UK and the USA, has been "Israeli Apartheid Week" in universities and colleges up and down both countries. (Other countries hold the week at different times.)

Leaving aside the situation in the occupied territories, where there are "Jews-only" roads and villages, and where Palestinians are forbidden to buy or build houses except in steadily-shrinking enclaves: in Israel itself there is no civil marriage, so Jews are unable to marry non-Jews. (This would of course dilute the genetic purity of the master race so must be forbidden by law.) If a Christian, or Jew, or Muslim wishes to marry     outside his or her religion, they must travel outside Israel (if they can obtain permission to do so, which is by no means certain for non-Jews)  and marry there, after which their marriage will be grudgingly recognised by the Jewish state. To say that this affects Jews as well as Muslims and Christians is to say no more than that South African apartheid  applied to whites as well as blacks. In  no country except Israel do the official state identity documents list the holder's religion, because no country except Israel bases its entire constitution on religious discrimination.  

Once again, if a Palestinian Arab citizen of Israel wishes to bring his family - including his wife - from their home a mile or so away in Palestine to live with him in Israel, he will find that this is forbidden by law. An Israeli Jew, however, may import dozens of family members from as far away as Australia with hardly any paperwork, let alone legal restrictions. Never mind that the imported Jews may have no previous connection with Israel, and that they may have nothing to contribute to Israeli life or Israel's economy. If you are a non-Jew in "equal", "democratic" Israel, being allowed to live with your wife and children is of less importance to "your" government  than the importation of random Jews from around the world to "improve" the demographics of the nation (i.e increase the proportion of Jews).

Then of course there are the restrictions on where non-Jews can own property in Israel; the ban on any Arab political parties not approved by the government; the severe restrictions applied to non-Jewish members of the Knesset  (barred from sitting on any parliamentary committees  or working groups); the ban on gun ownership by Israeli Arabs; the humiliatingly unequal treatment at airports. Israel is a two-tier society, with Jews in the top tier and everyone else (mostly comprising Palestinian Muslims) in the lower.

Returning to Israeli Apartheid Week, one may take a few things for granted. Any criticism of the state of Israel and its policies, and any campaign intended to alter those policies, will be overwhelmingly portrayed in the media as "anti-semitic" (a word which nowadays has almost totally lost its original meaning of "hating Jews" and been diluted to mean only "critical of the Israeli government"). Also, the Israeli regime runs the best-funded propaganda machine on history, so it is inevitable that a slick campaign will appear to rebut any suggestion of unequal treatment of Israel's Jews and Arabs. And of course such a campaign has appeared.

I rather like the poster that shows Palestinians attending a seminar at Ariel University, which is located in an illegal settlement. Gosh, Israel allows a few Palestinians to spend hours queuing at checkpoints to visit an encampment where they are forbidden to live (or stay overnight), and to glimpse a university built on stolen Palestinian land which permits almost 5% of its (otherwise Jewish) students to be Arabs. I'm even more amused by the posters which show Israeli Arabs who actually agree that Israel is a viciously discriminatory society (Jamal Zahalka) or who call for a boycott of Israel (Omar Barghouti). They make it clear that the other posters are simply tokenism. In 1936, Josef Goebbels could have produced a poster showing the two Jewish athletes on the Germman Olympic team and labelled it "Anti-Semitism?" Another might have shown the financial and other support (including arms shipments) to the Zionists in Palestine attempting to create a Jewish homeland there. "Anti-Semitism?" And then of course there was the more deliberate fakery, such as the film depicting the Theresienstadt concentration camp as "the town Hitler gave to the Jews". "Anti-Semitism?"

Campaigns such as the one hosted by the "Elder of Ziyon" blog are the sick Israeli government equivalent of Holocaust denial. And of course the other Holocaust, the one visited by the Zionists on their Arab victims in 1948, is indeed officially denied by the Israeli state, and may not be taught to Israeli Arab children.

To all of which the BDS campaign says "Never again".

The good, the bad, and the hopeful

Further to my post on the twentieth anniversary of the massacre at Hebron's Ibrahimi Mosque, here is an excellent piece for al-Jazeera on the massacre and its aftermath. If Goldstein was a crazed terrorist who acted alone, it was a remarkable coincidence that on the very morning when he decided to carry out his mass murder the IDF would turn off their metal detector and discontinue searches of worshippers entering the mosque.

I hadn't realised the extent to which the massacre was used as an excuse to grab further Palestinian land and property for the exclusive use of "settler" terrorists such as Goldstein. If there is one abiding lesson to be learned from his massacre, it would seem to be that terrorism works. (But I suppose the establishment of Israel in the first place shows that.)

Hard though it is to find positive thoughts and feel-good stories about such a blood-bath, I did like the story illustrated in one of al-Jazeera's pictures.

In 2010, a member of Hebron's historic Palestinian Jewish community met with the Palestinian mayor of Hebron. Haim Bajayo had left the city decades earlier and ceded his family property to the Palestinian community in 1977. Bajayo asked Mayor Khalid Al-Useili if he could be buried in the Muslim cemetery because Hebron was his home city and he refused to be buried in the Jewish cemetery "because it's under the settlers' control". His request was accepted by Al-Useili "not as a guest but as an authentic Hebron citizen".

Here is another report on the same story.

It's never a bad thing to be reminded that despite all the IDF thugs and settler terrorists there are decent human beings who happen to be Israeli Jews. If Israeli is to survive in any form after it is forced - as it most certainly will be - to abide by its international obligations and pretend to be a real part of the developed world, it will be because of people like Haim Bajayo, not people like Baruch Goldstein or Benjamin Netanyahu.