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Saturday, February 23, 2013

What "race" is genocide-supporting antisemitic New York creep?

Had to laugh at this. Senator John McCain recently called the President of Iran a monkey. Bonni the racist loon loves this, of course. But what is her headline?

So, what’s ‘racist’ about calling Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a ‘monkey?’ What ‘race’ is Islam?

And what has calling him a monkey got to do with Islam? Honestly, Bonni has grown so used to parroting what-race-is-Islam whenever she's called on her comments that she now seriously believes that hating Muslims is a guaranteed defence against any kind of racist remark whatsoever. Coming soon: the "What race is Islam?" defence when she calls Jews rats.

Bonni is happy to support any passing racists. Not just this guy, but even worse. Under a post on "Minnesotastan" we find these comments (and let me remind you that Bonni is happy to hurl abuse at any commenter she disagrees with, or even ban them outright, such is her commitment to freedom of expression):

We don’t want you here. Go back to where you came from. Stop leeching off our tax dollars. Go make your own country a better place to live.

Somalis have a generally low national IQ of only 70! This is a result of inbreeding after 50 generations of marrying their FIRST COUSIN!

Why do all these rat bastard somalis look alike wtf is going on ugly horse mouthed pigs.

They are not “Black”. They are aliens. Their color should make no difference. AS for the Africans, they should spent more time being Americans and less time being intentionally Black. They will lose against the ragheads as long as they insist that THEY are the poor, downtrodden minority demanding special favors and treatment. Be American!

And in this post (on an attack which does seem to have been pretty shocking) Bonni clearly doesn't consder it racist to call someone a "fucking dirty Arab". (Though the potty-mouthed antisemite who loves nothing better than to post pictures of mutilated corpses can't bring herself to write the word "fuck". You know, as in "fuck you, you Hitler-loving windbag".)

As an aside, a commenter ("masteradrian") under that post claims (erroneously) that Pope Benedict (or "ex-Benedict" as we should now call him) claimed to have been a "proud member" of the Hitler Youth. So far, so dumb: but BNI regular "ADHD" just can't resist wading in with 'Absolutely EVERY LAST SINGLE German child HAD TO BE a member of the “Hitlerjugend” during 1933-45!!!' Never mind the fact that membership only became mandatory in 1936: "absolutely every last single German child"? What, including the Jews? Hitler only wanted Aryans: but to ADHD, Aryan and German are ABSOLUTELY the same thing. Revealing, much?

Of course, not being a proud member of the Hitler Youth doesn't stop Benedict from having Nazi sympathies. How else to explain his reversal of the excommunication of this guy, kicked out by his predecessor?


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