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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Get thee behind me

Imagine if the followers of a particular religion believed that women were second-class human beings who should be kept in their place and not permitted to mix with males.

Imagine if this religion's adherents demanded segregated seating for women at a major American sporting venue for a concert given by their co-religionists.

Imagine if the venue agreed to provide such gender-segregated seating.

Imagine if the concert organisers described this provision as helpful in marketing the concert to the religious community who otherwise tend to keep to themselves and not mix with other folk.

Imagine if the venue, whose food stands already cater for the dietary restrictions (involving ritual slaughter) of this religion, announced that they would be increasing such prvision for the concert.

Imagine if all the major media and ticket sellers promoted the concert but made no mention of the seating arrangements.

The reality is everything you imagined.

Will we now be seeing calls for a boycott of Barclays Bank (they'll be used to that)? Or of the Brooklyn Nets? Will there be crowds outside the concert protesting that the venue has caved in to demands for the subjugation of women from a religion that makes its women wear bags on their heads? That it should not be increasing the provision of meat slaughtered by bleeding to death? Will there be a campaign launched against "creeping halacha law"?

Maybe this should be their campaign song:


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