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Monday, December 03, 2012

Bayside's own Fantasy Fruitloop finally makes the shift from batshit craziness to pee-stained insanity

It's official: Bonni Benstock-Intall, New York Nazi supporter and Holocaust denier, has finally lost her mind. Driven mad with grief after Barack Obama won the Presidential election by a landslide in the Electoral College and a clear majority in the popular vote; crazed beyond endurance by the sacking from Congress by the Florida electorate of notorious war criminal Allen West; and finally pushed over the edge by the international recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state.

How else do you explain today's clutch of posts on her neofascist site, which include this extraordinary fantasy?

Today's bumper bundle also includes a video clip of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, entitled Is ‘Hijabi’ Hillary Clinton drunk? Or did she really say,”the Jews must demonstrate that they understand the pain of an oppressed people?” No, it's OK, Bonni, she said the Israelis had to do more to demonstrate that. Glad to clear that up. See, a few of us can be bothered to watch the clips you post rather than trusting to your lying rants about them.

Oh, she also republishes a British tabloid article about a proposed demonstration to try to get a planning rejection for a new mosque in East London overturned. She illustrates it with a picture of Winston Churchill, which shows how far gone her mind is. In the middle of the Second World War, Churchill was so impressed by the bravery which Muslim soldiers of the British Empire had shown in fighting against fascism that he authorised a sum of £100,000 (a hell of a lot of money back then) for purchase of the land to build what eventually became the London Central Mosque in Regent's Park: because he thought they deserved a place to worship. So Bonni's attempt to co-opt Churchill in support of the campaign waged by Alan Craig and a few other London racists is laughable. Still, her ranting reminded me to send an email of support for the application to Newham Council.

In case Bonni hadn't noticed, Churchill wasn't big on Hitler supporters either. These included the Lehi terrorists ("Stern Gang") who would go on to provide many of Israel's leading politicians. At the same time as British Muslims were being rewarded for laying down their lives fighting Hitler, the Stern Gang were trying to arrange a military pact to fight with Germany against the British.

Churchill hated Muslims so much he, er, got the War Cabinet to pay for this mosque.