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Monday, April 02, 2012

Bonni at Bare Naked Islam whinges that discrimination on grounds of colour "appearance" is still illegal in Britain

Bonni, the racist fool at Bare Naked Islam has excelled herself. In her eagerness to support any kind of discrimination against Muslims (and anyone non-white) she adds these wondrous comments to a news report about someone illegally fired from a Vodafone shop because he had a beard.

Mr Saleem said: “Throughout the whole time [the store manager] was talking to me, he spoke to me condescendingly in public in front of a Vodafone employee, which completely demoralised and upset me as well as causing me distress. (Oh, Boo Hoo! You look like a terrorist)

“He did not mention anything at all about my clothes; he only stated that he did not want me working with him if I had a beard.” ”What [the store manager] did was blatant discrimination, and discrimination is this country is illegal, especially in regards to the work place.” (It isn’t discrimination when your appearance is frightening to customers)

Hmmm. Let's see. Here's Shahid Saleem, whose beard makes him "look like a terrorist".

And here are some Jews:

Wow. So observant Jews needn't expect to be welcomed in any shops frequented by Bonni (or her commenter Shaz, who writes "I sure as hell would NOT want THAT thing waiting on me! And since when do you need a beard for religious reason; oh that’s right you’re a ISLAMIST asslifter!") Of course, no Jew would expect to be welcomed by Bonni, a Holocaust denier who believes Hitler's trouble was that he was a left-wing promoter of homosexuality, that his crimes pale into insignificance beside the 9/11 attacks, and that all those Jews who died had only themselves to blame.

As for beards "frightening customers", she's clearly never heard of Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, or even Clive Sinclair.

Of course, to someone with Bonni's openly racist views (a few posts further down is one entitled "Don't Pakis know how to use knives and forks?", and another in which she describes the murder of Trayvon Martin as a "media-promoted questionable race crime") beards have some very bad associations indeed. This guy, for example:

or this one:

If you have a beard you're probably a Jew or a nigger-lover, and there's no room for you in Bonni's brave new world, where the Southern Poverty Law Center is accused of being anti-American (because nothing says USA better than a white sheet and a hood).


At 29 April, 2012 12:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I happen to like her informative press releases which act to counter the propaganda from various Islamic groups.

Wait, no, I am NOT sorry.

Brett, Australia

At 30 April, 2012 04:25, Blogger Rob said...

Of course you're not sorry, Anonymous Brett, any more than Anders Breivik is sorry. I've never heard of a Holocaust denier apologising for loving Hitler.

Her "press releases" as you call them are certainly informative though. Without Bonni I'd never have known that the Third Reich was a bastion of sexual freedom and human rights, that Jews were responsible for Auschwitz, that Rome is in Spain, or that anyone was stupid enough to believe her fake "news" stories.

At 06 May, 2012 18:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, Bonni is NOT a Holocaust denier. Where did you get that false piece of info? If anything, she is Jewish but against all forms of religious extremism.

Second, the muslim guy with the beard is a mohamed admirer, as witnessed by his beard. Have you read the Sira? Mo was such a nice guy... a lot of killing and more and more killing, notwithstanding wife stealing, bedding 9-yr old girls etc.

Third, Orthodox Jews do not threaten us with death if we dont't convert.

ISLAM is the ONLY religion on this planet that tells its followers to kill anyone who doesn't convert.

FINALLY, I have one question for you. If, as all muslims say, the qur'an is the perfect word of God, why bother to abrogate the first peaceful verses and replace them with extreme violent teachings and why did muslim men feel the necessity to write the hadiths?

I don't want the B.S. on the hadiths explaining the qur'an unless your god, allah, purposefully made up the qur'an so that ordinary people wouldn't understand it.

If anything, the hadits are even more viiolent than the qur'an.


At 09 May, 2012 15:06, Blogger Rob said...

Bonni believe that Jews were sent to death camps during the Third Reich but says it was their own fault.

On the other hand, she believes that under the Nazis, Jews could wear what they liked (so those yellow stars were just a fashion statement), could marry who they liked (so those racial purity laws were just a wicked slander on Hitler) and there was sexual freedom (so nobody was slaughtered during the Holocaust for being gay) (see this post.

And Bonni hates Jews, which is why she publishes anti-semitic pieces like this and applauds the beating up of Orthodox rabbis.

And of course Orthodox Jews don't threaten non-Jews with death. Except when they do. Or here.

"The Muslim guy with the beard is a Mohamed admirer, as witnessed by his beard"? Well, I guess he must be a Mohamed admirer as witnessed by his being a Muslim, but you can't tell that just because he has a beard, as you would know if you had actually read the post on which you are commenting. Was Abe Lincoln a Muslim? Was Jesus? Are all Orthodox Jews Muslims? Are you as half-witted as you appear?

Finally, I just love the way you Nazi-lovers all assume that anyone criticising you must be a Muslim. I suppose you really ARE that half-witted.

At 23 June, 2012 05:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a stupid blog. You really are a clueless liberal moron, aren't you? And talking of being gay, guess which religion throws gays from buildings. Islam! Wake up. Also, Bonni is 100% correct on the Trayvon Martin case. Zimmerman is going to be found innocent, then you'll have to go crying to your shrine of Eric Holder and Barry Obama.

At 24 June, 2012 17:38, Blogger Rob said...

Hey, Anonymous Troll, thanks for stopping by. Actually we were talking about discrimination against people who (like me) have beards, but since you want to talk about gays I've given over a whole post to replying to you. Read and learn, dummy.

At 09 July, 2012 22:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But for you it's okay supporting the muslim discrimination, oppression and death threats towards non-muslims.

You, socialists/communists/liberals/nazis/terrorists/islamo-fascist lunatics make me laugh with your foolishness and double standars.

At 11 July, 2012 17:44, Blogger Rob said...

Hello again, troll. I'm glad I make you laugh, because to me, Bonni and her fellow white supremacist survivalist hicks are the funniest show on the internet.

Still, while I may make you laugh I clearly can't make you smart. I have never supported discrimination, oppression or death threats, whether from Muslims, Israelis, white trash like you or a anyone else. The only double standards round here are from Bonni, who whines on interminably about 9/11 but on her blog openly supports the JDL who carry out terrorist attacks in the USA. Laugh at that if you like.

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